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If the subject of our study concerns the problem of workaholism, then it is probably a bachelor  thesis in sociology. It is a subject typically associated with the field of study which is sociology. When it comes to constructing a full theme from this, it could be: Workaholism as a pathological phenomenon. Therefore, it is worth starting by discussing ethical and unethical behavior in the organization.

As part of this, you can discuss various types of dysfunctional behavior as well as pathological organizations. Then, focus on the role and the importance of ethics when it comes to human resources management. Another element is the role of the manager in the case of managing unethical employees. Then it is worth tackling the issue of workaholism, which is an example of unethical behavior.

Sociology – topics of bachelor theses. Is workaholism a good topic?

Therefore, it is worth focusing on presenting the essence as well as the concept of workaholism. Then you can present its types as well as effects or methods of prevention. The last part of this type of Bachelor’s thesis in sociology can be devoted to workaholism in relation to its glows and shadows. This can be treated in a theoretical and empirical way by conducting research. The work in which the research is carried out is most often more interesting and therefore it is worth taking into account when deciding on the nature of the study.

Workaholism is a phenomenon that is particularly well seen in Japan. In this country many people died because of overwork. Workaholism can be a great topic for a master’s thesis or a bachelor thesis not only for sociologists, but also for psychologists. Conducting detailed research on workaholism can be very interesting also in Europe. The public opinion may also be interested in the results of this type of research. The results of such a study can be sold as an article to one of the popular newspapers. This may be the beginning of branding as a journalist, reporter. Taking into account the fact that in a modern economy it is good to have a few professions in hand, one can not omit this aspect of the thesis.

June 23, 2019 / Roden Roman