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The subject of the master’s thesis in economics, which is very interesting, is investing in gold. Let’s be honest: economists are very often interested in investing money. The following text will analyze this fascinating topic.

Gold is a precious metal with unique properties. It is seen as an excellent security for a rainy day.

Gold is accepted as a means of payment throughout the world. Valued and has always been and is in every culture and civilization. Its supply is limited. It can not be produced or created in any way. It is not without reason that gold and silver are considered “the currency of God.” Precious metals are immune to inflation. Sometimes people who survived wars and other cataclysms survived them because they owned gold. Sometimes gold saved people’s lives.

Gold is an ideal material for a master’s thesis in economics. The first chapter of such a work should discuss all theoretical issues related to precious metals. You also need to describe in detail the history of gold as a means of payment. It is worth to show in this chapter how gold allowed to defend against inflation and other catastrophes such as the war.

In the second chapter you have to present all the factors that affect the price of gold. In the third chapter, you can try to predict the future gold exchange rate. In this chapter you can also present your reflections on the role of gold as a means of payment. You should present in this chapter your opinion on the competition between gold and cryptocurrencies.

The subject of the master’s thesis in economics – gold.

Gold is certainly a fantastic subject for a master’s thesis in economics. There is a very rich literature that deals with this issue. A position worth recommending is “How to invest in gold and silver. Secure your financial future. ” After writing this type of master’s thesis, you have enormous knowledge of investing money.

It can be useful when applying for work in banks or financial consulting. The more so because these companies urgently need sales employees. We always need financial knowledge in life. It is often more useful than knowledge from other areas of life.

June 16, 2019 / Roden Roman