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The subject of the master’s thesis in economics, which is certainly on time, is certainly cryptocurrencies. The most popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the world gives investors a faster heartbeat. Bitcoin has made a revolution when it comes to understanding money.

For the first time in the history of the world, the online currency has become popular and has repeatedly increased its value. This type of thesis can answer the question “Why the value of cryptocurrencies will grow dynamically”.

Alternatively, you can take the opposite option and write a paper on “Why the value of cryptocurrencies will go down.” The text below will focus on the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, which should increase their value.

The master’s thesis in economics about cryptocurrencies should start with the theoretical part. The definition of such terms as cryptocurrencies, money, blockchain technology should be provided here. You can also quote here a summarized history of money and describe how the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created.

The second chapter should contain a description of factors that may affect the increase in the cryptocurrency rate. The first factor that can be invoked here is the desire to hide money from the state. Occurrence of cryptocurrencies means that the state “does not see” the assets accumulated by a given citizen. Cryptocurrency can not be printed, which makes them theoretically a good safeguard against inflation. The advantage of cryptocurrencies is also that they act in an instant manner. For virtual currencies, the funds transfer takes minutes or seconds. The traditional bank transfer “is poured” at least 3 days. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the transfer of funds is also much cheaper.

The subject of the master’s thesis in economics, which is fashionable and on time. 

In the last part of the master’s thesis, you can include a summary of future cryptocurrency courses. It is also worth mentioning why people started using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are generally the response of the free market to a corrupt banking system that works in a fatal way. They are also an answer for countries that are afflicting their societies through higher and higher taxes. You can also mention here the revolutionary blockchain technology, which is associated with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, regardless of its future course, will certainly go down in the history of economics.

June 15, 2019 / Roden Roman